Hi Everyone,

I know I didn’t post a challenge this month and at the end of last month I knew I was going to be a little late with my post since we had a few medical issues in my home which was going to delay the post.  Then I had a little discussion with my mate because he felt like I was neglecting him.  I was very into my social media and blog during our “us” time.  I didn’t realize I was disconnected with him because I was so into my internet world.  Which then got me thinking about weather I should just take down the blog since I just don’t know if I had time to keep up the blog and fulfill my other obligations.  I was very torn, part of me doesn’t want to shut down something I was passionate about.  The other side of me knows that I have a lot going on and if I want to be the kind of mate that I often talk about then I need to make better choices.  I’m an all or nothing kind of gal so I also know that if I’m going to commit to having a blog I want to make sure its fun, updated and a valuable source of information for my readers.  I still have a lot to think about….

My vision for this blog is to share my experiences and knowledge of love, sex and romance.  I am not an expert in any way, shape or form.   I just want to inspire men and women to love one another, to try a little harder, to know that the job of loving another person is a tough and fulfilling one.  I love my husband with all my being and the last thing I want is to let something small come in between our connection.  We’re also in the middle of moving homes so bear with me.  My next post, might also be a little late or a goodbye love letter.

Love Always,

Agent Spicy